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Baseball Game

Become a Scorekeeper


Record all gameplay and results that take place during a game on a scoresheet and assume the responsibilities expected between teams that adhere to the Baseball Quebec rules of play.



  • Be at least 13 years old during the calendar year

  • Have knowledge of the rules of baseball

  • Must be available on weekday evenings and sometimes on weekends



The rates are determined by the level and calibre of the game being worked. NDGBB offers the highest rates of any association in the area.



For the available courses (level 1, 2 or 3), visit the Lac St-Louis Scorekeeper page on the Baseball Quebec website.  For your information, the courses will be held in April or May.  These courses will be paid for by NDG Baseball, if you work a minimum number of games as a scorekeeper during the summer

*For those who cannot attend the LSL training session, there are training opportunities throughout the season. You can still keep score even if you miss the "official" training session.

Little League Team Hands In
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