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Baseball Game

Become an Umpire

Reporting to NDG Baseball's Head of Officials, we are looking for new umpires.

This is a paid position. 


Control, apply and enforce the rules of games played between teams that are members of Baseball Québec.



  • ​Be at least 13 years old during the calendar year

  • Have knowledge of the rules of baseball

  • Complete and pass a mandatory 1 to 2-day training course to obtain accreditation

  • Must speak French and/or English

  • Must be available on weekday evenings and sometimes on weekends



​Depending on the category and level of the officiated games and the ranks and years of experience obtained by the candidate. 

​Please also remember that your involvement as a baseball player takes precedence over your involvement as an umpire.  Arrange to give your availability outside of the games and practices of your team.



​For umpire course availability (level 1, 2 or 3), visit the Lac St-Louis Umpire page on the Quebec Baseball website.  The courses will be held in April or May.  The course will be paid for by NDG Baseball, if you umpire a minimum number of games during the baseball season.


Mandatory Uniform & Equipment 

​​Provided: Navy blue cap with Baseball Quebec logo and Navy blue polo shirt

Not provided: Dark grey pants, Black belt, black socks, black shoes with or without cleats 


Equipment: Navy blue or black bag for baseballs with broom and clicker 

Behind the plate equipment: mask, chest protector and shin pads.

Little League Team Hands In

Want a registration credit?

Parents are welcome to volunteer their time as a scorekeeper, in return you will earn a credit on registration fees.

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