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Uniform Day

No more long lineup!
For Uniform Day, Lynx & Bobcats will get sized up by their coaches outside on the Kensington side of the William Hurst Park. There will be tents set up in case of rain.

Uniform Package

  • Rally Cap: Hat, jersey, pants,

  • Wildcats: Hat, jersey, pants, socks, belt.

  • Bobcats & Lynx: Hat, jersey, practice jersey, pants, belt, socks

  • Coaches 9U+: Hat, jersey, pants


Arrive during your designated time slot.


If you cannot be present at Uniform Day ask a friend or your child's coach/convener to collect for you.


Meet your convener and coaches.

Uniform Pickup Time Slots

8h-9h30: Rally Cap

9h30-11h: 9U

11h-12h30: 11U

12h30-13h: Lunch Break

13h-14h: 13U

14h-15h: 15U

15h-16h: 18U + 22U

Uniform Rules/Etiquette

  • Hats and pants are to be worn to every practice and game.

  • Hats may never be worn backwards during a team activity.

  • Jerseys are for games only and must be tucked in.


William Hurst Park

6230 Rue de Terrebonne,

Montréal, QC

H4B 2Y7

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