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Technical Director

Application period: October 31 to November 14, 2023

The Technical Director's responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Being a standing member of the Competition Committee that makes the A-level Lynx teams;

  • Responsible for coordinating and leading off-season workouts;

  • Responsible for setting and managing the technical direction of the association at large. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Creating and distributing practice plans;

    • Creating and distributing instructional materials;

    • Reporting to the Vice President and Director of Coaching and Player Development on the technical program and player development;

  • Attends a minimum of 2 practices per team from the 9U-B level-up (incudes all A-, B-, and Girls teams) throughout the course of the season;

  • Provides player development assessment report card for all competitive and competitive-team practice roster players and the beginning, middle, and end of each season;

  • Is available to all coaches for technical advice/direction throughout the season;

  • Attends and assists at a minimum agreed-upon amount of general membership skills development clinics per season;



  • Have high-level baseball experience as a player, coach, or other technical personnel;

  • Be available to attend practices and create reports as outlined in the job description;

  • Ideally have a child playing in the association, but this is not a requirement;

  • Be French/English bilingual or have the ability to use translation software as needed to ensure we are servicing our members in the language of their choice.


  • This position is compensated on an hourly basis at a rate of $25/hour, to a max of 10 hours/week from December 1 to November 30. Hours to be reported by ways of a monthly invoice.

Hiring Process

  • As noted, the application period is open for 15 days from October 31 to November 14, 2023 in order to hire and prepare as quickly as possible for the 2024 campaign;

  • Applicants are asked to submit their resume to the hiring committee (consisting of four members of the NGBB Board of Directors: the President, Uniform Managers, Director of Coaching and Player Development, and Director of Officials. This committee will be responsible for hiring the successful candidate.;

  • Interviews will take place within 5 days after the posting period closes on November 14 and a candidate will be chosen by no later than December 1;

  • The successful candidate must pass a criminal background check.

Please note: This is a contract position that runs from December 1, 2023 to November 30, 2024. This position may be terminated or closed at any time, at the discretion of the Baseball NDG Board of Directors.

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