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Fast ball

To Return in Fall 2024

What is fast ball?

Unlike regular youth baseball with 2 teams of 12-14 players playing 9 vs 9, Fast ball uses 3 teams of 5-6 players at at a time, which means:

  • There are less players so there's less sitting

  • Quicker games ...and the most important part: More reps!


Everyone knows “practice makes perfect”, but game reps are what take kids to the next level.


The game's focus is on getting kids to hit the ball and field the ball more than in a standard game. This is the perfect fall ball option so the players can finish the summer and go into the winter having seen more pitches and having fielded many more balls than they would have playing standard 9 vs 9 baseball.

The rules

  • 3 teams of 5 take the field at the same time: 1 at bat, 1 in the infield, 1  in the outfield

  • 3 balls for a walk, 2 strikes for an out (unlimited fouls)

  • The batting team goes until they get 3 outs. When 3 outs are made, the batting team moves to the infield, the infielding team moves to the outfield, and the outfielding team goes to bat

  • Games end when each team of 5 has had 3 at bats or at an hour and a half of play.

Schedule & Registration Details

The program will run for 6 weeks, on Saturday mornings in the fall (dates TBC). If it rains on Saturday, there is no make-up game.

The players are divided into different groups based on age and skill level. The groups will be emailed to the parents before the first clinic.

The cost for the program is $100 for 6 weeks, paid in advance. (Interac E-transfers only)

  • Players get a long sleeved NDG Fall Ball t-shirt



This program is led by Coach Jo, and she'll need several assistants to help run the program. Anyone who coached this season is invited to apply.

There is no 18U category - 18U players are invited to coach

Coaches are compensated at $25/hour for the fast ball program: 3 coaches per session. Apply here if you'd like to coach).

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