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Baseball and Bat


2024 Summer Registration Information 

Summer Baseball

Open to all boys and girls from Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Côte-Saint-Luc, Hampstead, Montreal West, and Westmount. 



  • Regular registration: Opens Feb. 1, 2024 for all ages

  • Late registration*: Rates for all ages except Rally Cap increase by $35 on Mar. 1, 2024

  • Close of registration: Registration closes for all categories except Rally Cap on Apr. 1, 2024

  • Late registration for Rally Cap: Rates for Rally Cap increase by $35 on Apr. 1, 2024

  • Close of registration for Rally Cap: Registration closes for Rally Cap on May 1, 2024


NDG Baseball reserves the right to close registration at any point for any division at any time depending on demand and available spaces. 

**There is a limited number of spots available in the 9U-18U divisions so don't wait. Spots are in high demand again this year and we can not guarantee a spot for your child.

Season Length

Spring training, evaluations and A team tryouts: April-May

Regular season: mid May-mid August

Regional Championships: mid-late August

Playoffs and Provincials: (where applicable) late August and Labour Day weekend.


**All division birthdates are for the FULL calendar year Jan 1-Dec 31. Make sure you select the correct division for your child.

Rally Cap 4-5 2019-2020

Rally Cap 6-7 2017-2018

9U A, B-Travel, B-Local, Girls: 2015-2016

11U A, B, Girls: 2013-2014

13U A, B, Girls: 2011-2012

15U A, B: 2009-2010

16U Girls: 2008-2009-2010

18U A or B (TBD): 2006-2008
22U: *Please email us for more info

9U A, B-Travel, B-Local details
New for 2024, NDGBB will offer 3 services for the 9U division: A (Lynx), B-Travel, B-Local.

The A and B-Travel players will take part in the Lac St. Louis regional league, while the B-Local will play in CDN-NDG only. Please note that B-Local is available only at the 9U level. 

B-Travel and B-Local are the exact same program and calibre except for two key differences:

  1. B-Travel players are eligible to try out for A (Lynx) and be call-ups for Lynx while B-Local players may not try out for the Lynx or be call-ups for the Lynx. The objective of the B-Local program is to give players a place to play without travelling outside of our local territory. Other than that, the B-Local and B-Travel programs play with the same rules and are the same calibre of play.

  2. B-Local teams will not participate in the Lac St. Louis regional playoffs. There will be a local playoff tournament to decide the NDG B-Local championship in August.

This Local/Travel option applies only to the 9U-B age group. It does not exist for any other age group. The B-Local option is a great place for kids who will be away during the summer a little more than others. If your child signs up for B-Travel, there is a higher expectation of attendance.

NDG Bobcats Girls Baseball Program Details

NDG Baseball is proud to continue to offer the region's premier girls baseball program, the NDG Bobcats, to our membership. While girls are not obligated to play in the all-female program, it is strongly encouraged. Girls are welcome in the co-ed stream, but the Bobcats program allows girls to thrive in an all-female environment in a way that is proven to bring added value to their experience.

If you would like your daughter to play in the Bobcats program, please make sure to choose the GIRLS option when registering in Spordle. 

This program is offered at the 9U, 11U, 13U, and 16U levels.

Team Creation

We aim to make well balanced teams, as such, all registered players in 9U and up MUST attend Spring Evaluations (schedule to be posted on the website and emailed out). 

“A” teams will be created based on performance and talent shown during tryouts. Balanced “B” teams will be created from the remaining players. No requests to play with friends/family members will be accepted. 


Participation is the key to a player’s successful baseball season, however summer is also for vacations and sleep-away camp. If you know that you or your child will be absent during the summer for 2 weeks or more, please indicate it on the registration form and advise your coach as soon as possible at the beginning of the season, so they may make other arrangements for call-up players. NOTE that due to the more competitive and serious nature of the level, any player who is away for more than 2 weeks during the season is NOT eligible to play on an “A” team.

Lynx (A) 

Anyone wishing to tryout for the Lynx A Team is welcome. A tryout fee must be paid to be eligible to attend, added during the registration process. If your child makes the team there will be an additional A Team fee of $100-150 to cover the additional expenses related to running the Lynx program. This applies to cost for more games, umpires, score keepers, etc. A uniform deposit will also be required at a later date and extra costs for pants, team apparel and tournaments may apply. 

Rates and Refunds

  • Division rates will be available via the registration link when it is available.

  • Discounts for siblings are applied automatically but only if all kids are registered at the same time. 

  • All e-transfer payments are your responsibility to pay in full at the time of registration. Any e-transfers not made at the time of registration will be subject to a $10 administrative fee. If you have an outstanding balance and a waiting list forms, your child will lose their spot to someone else who has paid in full and a refund will be issued to you.

  • Full refunds are available upon request on the registration fees only, administration, late and try-out fees are non-refundable.


  • The no-refund policy post Apr. 30 includes players who try out for the Lynx but do not make the team and are assigned to a B-level Bobcats or Wildcats team.

Transfers-Issues Registering

If you are having an issue registering because you are outside of our area's postal codes OR if you are within our postal codes but your child was previously registered with another association, you will require a release. For the time being, Baseball Quebec will only begin handling release/transfer requests as of Mar. 15. It is important to email us at with your child's name, DOB, division, full address, previous association name (if applicable) and your situation. We are keeping a list and will do our best to help you navigate this new step together.

If you would like to apply for financial aid, please visit our page for instructions.

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