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Lynx Selection Criteria

The selection process for the competitive/A-level NDG Lynx program is rooted in

a players' abilities in the standard Five Tools of Baseball, as well as their attitude towards the game, 

the coachability, and their level of commitment.

As the competitive program for NDG Baseball, the skill level is the first and foremost qualifier for the Lynx.

Lynx rosters are made by the NDG Baseball Competition Committee in collaboration with each team's Head Coach.

The five tools are:


How fast can a player run.

Speed is one of the more underrated skills to have in baseball. It's always the home runs and fancy catches that get all the glory, but when you've got a speedy runner on the base paths, they can affect the outcome of the game in 100 different ways.

Hitting for Average

Getting on base

Hitting for average in baseball means that you are doing a few things right. Things like:

  • Hitting the ball hard

  • Making contact often (not striking out)

  • Hitting the ball on a line 

  • Using the whole field

  • Getting on base

Arm Strength

Strength is power

Just like speed, arm strength is another often overlooked tool in a baseball player's arsenal. As a position player, you may think that your arm strength "is what it is". So long as your throws are accurate, you don't give much extra thought into improving your velocity.

Hitting for Power

Not just dingers

Some people say that you can't teach power. But that's not true. 

The more a player practices the right techniques, the harder they'll hit the ball. It's not just about home runs, but everyone digs the long ball.



Fielding well is a game changer

Fielding your position well is key to having success on the baseball field, and being on a team that wins. Players need to know how to get down on a ball and understand the play both before the ball hit and once it's in play.

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